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Client Testimonials


"We recommend Nikita without reservation and simply cannot say enough to praise her for the important work she is doing. Nikita is a knowledgeable, resourceful, empathetic and calming presence and channels every bit of that into her work as a doula.

My family and I recently relocated to the UK while pregnant with our second child. We hired Nikita for the following reasons 1) we wanted someone to educate us on—and assist us with navigating—the NHS system, 2) we wanted to address the past trauma and fears from our first child birthing experience and 3) we wanted a strong advocate that would help us apply our birth preferences. Nikita not only delivered on these things, but went above and beyond in every single regard to care for our family and create a safe, strong environment to welcome our new daughter into the world.

She was able to identify specific traumas from my previous experience and guide us towards solutions; she was always available to help understand the sometimes conflicting signals we were receiving from our care through the NHS; and finally, Nikita was able to preemptively identify needs during labour and adapt as our energy changed throughout the process.

With Nikita’s help, we had the tools and knowledge to have a beautiful and calm birthing experience with our second child. Hiring Nikita—for her work as our doula and to guide us through hypnobirthing practices—was the single best investment we’ve made around births. Again, we highly recommend her services."

Temi Ogunyoku


"I had my reservations about a doula and hypnobirthing, purely out of a misunderstanding / complete nonunderstanding as to their role, and the meaning of hypnobirthing. Nikita came along and changed every preconceived misconception I had. She is patient, caring, knowledgeable and gave us all the time in the world - every characteristic you could possibly need and want when going through the whole pregnancy / birth experience, especially speaking from a father's perspective.

The birth of our daughter didn't quite go to plan, namely due to our private midwife not being present (that's another story), but Nikita stepped in and was simply magical. She has given us both so much support, from the antenatal sessions, to making us our first meal as we came out of hospital, to just popping in for a cup of tea and checking in on us.

If you're considering a doula, please don't look any further, she is the best person for the job and will make your whole experience a million times better! We could not be more thankful for all she has done for us, and will without doubt be friends for life!" 


Jack Coats


"You’ll not find a safer, wiser, more attentive pair of hands.

I never thought I would be one of those people who would enjoy pregnancy, let alone birth. Nikita made both experiences life-affirming and hugely empowering. With her guidance I felt like I could do anything. She brings an incredible depth of knowledge and wisdom, and absolute dedication and care to every step of the journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. More than that, she has an aura of calm confidence about her that is completely infectious. My journey to motherhood is an experience that I will treasure forever and I am so grateful that I found Nikita to guide the way and make it what it was."

Eliza Preston


"I would highly recommend Nikita’s services. I’m a first-time expectant mum and I was extremely anxious about labour. I started looking for relaxation techniques at the beginning of my second trimester and a friend recommended I try pregnancy yoga. I was so lucky to have found Nikita.

I knew nothing about what pregnancy yoga entailed when I began. I thought perhaps it was a slight variation to the usual yoga classes I had taken in the past. But with Nikita, the sessions are so much more!

I take twice weekly one-to-one private sessions with her, for a personalised experience. The sessions combine yoga with meditation, breathing techniques, positive birth affirmations, and relaxation postures. If you are practising Hypnobirthing or plan to do so, Nikita’s pregnancy yoga classes will complement Hypnobirthing perfectly - and I would strongly recommend doing both in tandem.

We always begin the session with a catch-up on how pregnancy is progressing/how I feel physically and emotionally. I find this part of the session hugely helpful in alleviating any day to day concerns or anxiety and Nikita’s wealth of knowledge on pregnancy and all things antenatal/labour/post labour really shines through!

The biggest outcome for me has been in how these classes have made me feel about labour: I am no longer anxious about labour but excited. I feel confident and empowered about birthing my baby. I leave each and every class feeling totally relaxed and calm.

Kin Ly


"When I find out that I was pregnant with my first baby, I wanted to find someone to support me in the process as I’ve always had a fear for childbirth. I got to know Nikita through her yoga teaching and found out that she also offers doula, hypnobirthing and breastfeeding services. At first, I was interested in Nikita’s doula services but, in the end, signed up for the Hypnobirthing and Breastfeeding course.

I chose Nikita as she, in my opinion, has a very sound, non-judgemental and holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and parenthood. I felt that this, combined with her straightforward and communicative style, was what I needed to grow confidence in my ability to go through the process of pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

I feel much more educated and relaxed about what is ahead. Nikita has demonstrated that she’s well trained and well informed in the various topics spanning this area. She combines science-led facts with practical tips and has structured her course in a very digestible way, filled with little pockets of mindfulness mediation and visualisations. She’s very open to taking time for your questions and tailoring the content to suit your needs.

I no longer think that childbirth something to be feared but as a natural part of life and something my body knows how to do. It has also been great to share this experience with my husband, who joined all the sessions, and Nikita always made sure that he felt as included in the sessions as I was. I can’t recommend Nikita enough for other parents to be."

Melia Malmquist