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Postpartum Doula Support

In the weeks after a baby is born, tender care for the whole family is so important. Birth is a huge transition, and it's essential to honour this period of bonding, resting, recovery and expansion. It's a time for love, warmth and rest - and this might be the aspect of doula work that I'm most passionate about. 

There is no 'one size fits all' approach to caring for a newborn, we each must find what works for our own family. That's why my postpartum work is tailored specifically to your needs and circumstances. I'll be on hand to give you non-judgemental support, with an open heart. Sometimes, all we need is an extra pair of hands, and some gentle cheerleading from the sidelines.

Emotional Support

A large part of postpartum doula work is about meeting your emotional needs - for example

  • Being present and listening when you need to talk. Whether you want to recount your birth experience or share how you're feeling, I'm here for you, and I'll keep the tea flowing

  • Encouraging you to trust your parenting instincts. You know what's best for your baby - I can remind you of that if you doubt yourself

  • Reassurance, rooted in wisdom, knowledge and expertise

  • A loving and compassionate energy for the whole family

  • Witnessing and celebrating your transition into the role of a parent.

Practical Support

From a practical perspective, I can lighten the load so you can focus on caring for and bonding with your baby. Here is some of the more tangible support I can offer:

  • Guidance / help with routine care of a newborn (e.g. bathing, burping, nappy changing etc)

  • Accompanying you on outdoor trips, when you feel ready 

  • Simple cooking, preparing healthy and nutritious meals for the family ​

  • Light housework (e.g. laundry, washing up, tidying and organising

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Baby wearing support

  • Holding baby while you have a shower/nap/food

Informational Support

Making sure you have access to the correct and relevant information is essential in the postpartum period. I'll help you by:

  • Signposting relevant studies, literature and information so you can make informed decisions for your family

  • Putting you in touch with relevant specialists (e.g. lactation consultants, postpartum osteopaths, newborn craniosacral therapists)

  • Directing you to community groups to support your needs (e.g. virtual breastfeeding cafes and postnatal social meet-ups)

I offer my postpartum care services at £50 per hour, with a minimum of 2 x 2 hour sessions. We can either build a bespoke support plan, or you can book one of my Postnatal Packages:

Postpartum Doula Support: About

Deluxe Postpartum Package

Fifteen sessions spread over a month​. This five week package includes 15 x 2 hour visits, with the following suggested schedule:

Week 1 - 5 days

Week 2 - 4 days

Week 3 - 3 days

Week 4 - 2 days

Week 5 - 1 day

In addition to visits, I'm available on the phone whenever you need me. Middle of the night emergency calls are welcome!

Price: £1400

Postpartum Doula Support: Text

Mini Postpartum Package

Six sessions spread over a few weeks. This three week package includes 6 x 2 hour visits, with the following suggested schedule:

Week 1 - 3 days

Week 2 - 2 days

Week 3 - 1 day

Price £550

Postpartum Doula Support: Text
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