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Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training

A new 60 hour Yoga Alliance accredited course for yoga teachers and birthworkers

Pregnancy is a powerful experience, full of magic and expansions. It can also be a challenging time for some, as the pregnant body goes through major shifts and changes. Prenatal Yoga has been proven to support parents in many ways as they prepare body, mind and spirit for birth.

This summer, I'll be teaching a 60 hour Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training programme for yoga teachers and birthworkers. Join us to learn how to use yoga techniques to support your clients through pregnancy and birth. 

On this Yoga Alliance accredited course, featuring guest lectures from some of the country’s leading experts, you will learn: 

  •  How to use various yoga techniques to support people through pregnancy, helping them prepare for birth, and facilitating a connection to body breath and baby

  •  The Anatomy and Physiology of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum – including common physical complaints experienced by many pregnant women

  • The basic needs of a birthing person, and how to positively influence the process of birth 

  • The many ways that pregnancy yoga can support changing pregnant bodies and contribute to an easier recovery in the postpartum 

  • Deep relaxation techniques and helpful tools for managing intensity during childbirth

  • The most effective complementary therapies for pregnancy and birth

  • Navigating the NHS as a pregnant person and our legal birthing rights

  • How to plan classes, workshops and short courses* – including sequencing, modifying for various stages of pregnancy and specific physical circumstances, use of props, theming, space holding, prompting discussion and facilitating community

...and much more!

The course will be spread across four months, with a 50/50 split of at-home and in-person study time. There are two full in-studio weekends in July and September (8th & 9th July, 16th & 17th September) held at Down to Earth (225 Brecknock Rd, London N19 5AA)

Click here to book your place. 

*PLEASE NOTE: Completion of this course will allow certified yoga teachers to deliver prenatal yoga classes, workshops and short courses. Although this course IS open to birthworkers (midwives, doulas, perinatal bodyworkers) interested in deepening their knowledge of yoga’s perinatal benefits, it cannot provide a yoga teacher certification. Birthworkers will instead be able to integrate yoga techniques to their usual modalities when supporting pregnant and birthing clients. 

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