Birth Preferences Template

Click Here to download a free Birth Preferences template.

Remember to keep it succinct and to the point....bullet where possible so it's not too wordy. Print as two separate sheets of A4 and stick to a wall/mirror in the birthing room so that both sides are visible. 


Guided Relaxations & Meditations

This collection of guided meditations is designed to relax you, while sharing helpful birth preparation techniques. The four short meditations will help you prioritise Self Care, sharpen Body Awareness, access deep Relaxation and to establish a sense of Trust for the body


Yoga Classes

Yoga is an excellent way to prepare body and mind for birth and beyond. These short yoga classes for pregnancy will help you to build strength and create space, while deepening your connection to both body and baby.


Birth Playlists

Music is a great way to set the scene - it can really help to cultivate the energy of the birth space. Here are a few readymade playlists for you to use at your birth, or as inspiration for building your own.


Birthing Playlist 1

Soft, gentle and soulful music for relaxing and settling into a peaceful energy. This 3.5 hour playlist takes you on a journey, with a mixture of genres - including soul, classical, reggae, cultural, folk, world music and even lullabies.  Click the play button for a 30 second taster of each track.


Birthing Playlist 2

A compilation of classical and instrumental tracks for a peaceful and relaxing vibration. 2.5 hours of playtime. Click the play button for 30 second taster of each track.