About Me

Hi! I'm Nikita Akilapa - a North London Doula, Yoga Teacher and Hypnobirthing Instructor. 

I provide emotional, educational and physical support during pregnancy, birthing and beyond. From relaxation techniques to strength and stamina building, Hypnobirthing to breastfeeding guidance, I’m here for you.

At all stages, I'm fully invested in your comfort, safety and empowerment. Throughout your pregnancy, I will keep you informed and equipped with knowledge, and help you prepare for birth. At birthing time, I can advocate for you and your family, protecting and reinforcing your birth preferences. In the weeks after baby arrives, I'll support you emotionally and practically, to help make your transition to parenthood an easy one. 

Get in touch to find out more about my services and how I work. 


"The planning, prep and practising made me feel so confident about birth - something I never, ever thought I'd say. I've loved every step of this journey towards, into and through motherhood, and that is in no small part due to your encouragement and guidance. Thank you!"

Eliza Preston



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Ordinary Pioneers Interview

To mark International Women's Day 2022, I was interviewed by the Ordinary Pioneers podcast. Click to hear our discussion about birth preparation, doula support and protecting your birthing rights.


Women Rebranded Interview

Talking to the Women Rebranded team about my career journey, my work as a Doula, how I support my clients and the importance of empowered birthing.


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